A downloadable Parkour for Windows

v0.04 Changelog - 09/Mar/2017

Menu redesigned (again)

  • Added some more felxibility and positioning
  • New background scene for menu

Redesigned Level Select - Added level 1 and level 2 (please don't play level 2) - Added new button design and colors - Added finish line

  • Displays new time
  • Displays best time (saved)
  • Displays Congrats, when new record set

Added some new models and map I know it's not much here to read, but get into game and you will notice a lot of changes, thanks, LY

v0.03 Changelog - 04/Mar/2017

  • Video and Sound Settings now load on game startup
  • Added splash in game launcher (Wrong resolution, little bit deformed)
  • Added game icon (for now it's just my SkyAngel Studios logo, later I will make logo for game)
  • Added mouse sensitivity slider (doesn't work)
  • Menu completly redesigned, now it's in 3D
  • Delted "Parkour Game" text for now
  • Added double jump and lowered jump height
  • Added Level Select button scene
  • Removed Start button
  • Added Level1 to levelSelect scene
  • Added mouse sensitivity and mouse smoothing sliders in game pause menu (Saving is not working for some reason, it always throw it on 0.0)
  • Added controls menu (Doesn't work for now)
  • Added 2 new levels, but not selectable yet

v0.02 Changelog - 28/Feb/2017

Added pause menu

  • Mouse disapears on pause
  • Resume button works (probably)
  • Game freezes on pause (except mouse movement)
  • Character's camera doesn't move in pause menu
  • Save button (works)
  • Load button (works)
  • Save and Exit button (works)
  • Resume button (works)

Added timer (stop timer on finish line doesn't work)

Fixed character shuttering on collision

Fixed character slipping from small objects

Fixed character jumping (sometimes character didn't wanted to jump)

Added functions to Options Menu

  • Resolution
  • vSync
  • Anti Aliasing
  • Texture Quality
  • Music Level - Sound options, other is in Graphic options
  • Fullscreen Mode
  • Apply Button (Of course)

Added Sample Scene in Graphic and Sound options for graphic visualizaton

Sound and Grapcih menu joined

Apply Button for setting

Settings DOESN'T load on game startup, you have to open Setting menu... Will fix it

And a lot of other small thing, that I forgot about to include here in Changelog xD


32bit.rar 14 MB
64bit.rar 15 MB


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